Windows Phone = Sucker’s OS : Microsoft gives early adopters the shaft

Looks like Microsoft are at it again, doing what they do best, which is screwing their paying customer over. Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Windows Phone has admitted to cnet today of knowing all along that the current version of Windows Phone, aka WP7 will not be upgradeable to Windows Phone 8. This could be very aggravating to customers who put their faith in the fledgling platform, especially those who might own devices only a few weeks old.

Considering Microsoft (in partnership with Nokia) had the audacity to claim that smartphone users of all other manufacturers are ‘beta testers’, and Windows Phone is the first ‘true’ smartphone OS, it seems truly ironic that it is indeed the early adopters of Microsoft’s platform who have egg on their faces and appear to have been the real, albeit unknown to them, beta testers for Microsoft’s practice mobile OS. Check the video below and see for yourself:

How is that for a slap in the face?

Android, which is usually given the stick for its lack of timely updates thanks usually to carriers and device manufacturers dragging their feet, pales in comparison to the magnitude of Microsoft’s ignorance towards the customer, considering it hasn’t been very long since they shafted the users of their previous Windows Mobile platform. It has been less than three years since Microsoft ‘rebooted’ the Windows Mobile strategy, leaving its customer and developer base in the cold. Considering the number of times a standard Windows PC has to be rebooted on a good day, I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the last time they pull this either.

But lack of updates for the platform itself is only half the story. Granted, given the pace of change of technology, it is entirely plausible that certain features, such as NFC, might not be portable to older hardware. But adding salt to the already sore wound, Microsoft have stated that applications written to target Windows Phone 8 will not be compatible with Windows Phone 7 either. This means you can bid that app you were hoping would one day make it to the platform goodbye, as no developer in their right mind would now be willing to expend time and effort in porting their applications to a dead and buried platform.

So if you are considering buying a Windows Phone handset in the near future, save your money and get a phone from a more reliable platform instead. The latest Nexus phone was recently blessed with a major price cut, and is now available on the Google Play store for a mere $350. Mind you this is a phone that will work on any carrier’s network, and will receive updates straight from the source (Google) . Or even better, wait for the iPhone 5 which is rumoured to be just around the corner. If you currently own one of these Windows Phone devices, try and sell them as quickly as you can while they are still worth something. If your carrier tries to push one down your throat in the name of a free upgrade, be warned.

Of course Microsoft have their PR shills all over the Internet, trolling every post on this news claiming how the general user is as dumb as a brick and doesn’t really care whether their phone gets updated or not (just read the comments on the source article). But of course, you now know better.


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